Miniature Report 1

So far I have only finished paining one squad of ten Eldar Gaurdians.

My thinking is that The main host will have a large Guardian army that incorporates members of all three tribes and their color schemes, but the main color will be green.

These were painted about 2 months ago and represent my initial effort. I used the wet blend technique. When I painted them I didn’t have a good brush, or my magnification headset (a must!), so I made many mistakes because of this.  I also went a bit thicker then I will in the future. Their eyes were the toughest, as I repainted them 3 – 5 times (and they still are not perfect) – I simply couldn’t see well enough to be accurate (stab blindly!), and the funky tip of my brush made everything that was tiny a challenge (to say it nicely).  I could go back and fix ’em up, but I think they look pretty good, and I want to keep them to show my progression.

I want the army’s unit system to be fluid and flexible yet structured in it’s organization. I also want to have a consistent themed military vocabulary to refer to deferent unit sizes. In the military they call this organization system a “Table of Organization and Equipment”, or TOE  (check out Wikipedia if this subject intrests you ).  I am still playing with ideas, but for now the units will be set up like this;

5 + = Strike Team or Fire Team (used for Aspects)

10 + =  a Squad or Bisect – how about Subsquad….not decided LOL. These will have Wave Serpent transports.

20 =  a Squadron or full Squad

4  Squardons = a Cadre (love this word!)

I am open to unit name suggestions if anyone wants to share.

Right now I have enough to build 2 Squadrons.

The Warwalker is a work in Progress (almost done).

Tip: For plastic figures, glue a U.S. nickel (or equivalent sized coin) to the bottom of your base – it gives them a nice grounded “metal” feel.

I also think it would be fun to give each Squadron a cool, poetic name (like the “Bridge Burners” in Steven Erickson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen). 

Note – The pictures are not as nice as I’d like and may be edited/replaced/upgraded at some point.

Next: Building a Titan!


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