Basic Concepts

Eldar were the natural 40k choice for me – I just love their design, and couldn’t picture myself going with anything else. I think they’re good choice for painting too, as their bright colors can really look amazing.

In designing the whole thing, I thought about colors first. I knew I wanted to do my own thing color wise (not copy a traditional Craftworld) – and realized one scheme was not enough! What if I got sick of it? I didn’t want to be hemmed into one scheme. I also didn’t want to go picking and discarding color schemes – resulting in an army that lacked cohesion, or was a collective eye sore.  After playing around, I decided to go with three different color schemes.

From there the “fluff” started to form in my mind – the three schemes  would each be a separate Eldar culture – with a unifying story to bring them together. This lead to the decision to give them tactical themes as well.


The first color scheme is Green and Brown – with options to add black and white. This is the main Craftworld and is the core of the army. It will feature tanks/transports, War Walkers and infantry, as well as Striking Scorpions, Fire Dragons, and a few Rangers to throw in. Fluff wise, the basic idea is that this Craftworld is kind of the Grandfather to the other two, and serves as the home base/place of refuge/semi-protector for the others. This Craftworld is fairly large and can provide a sizable fighting force (by Eldar standards that is). Oh and they gotta have Titans and a variety of Big specialty tanks….

The second color scheme will be Blue and Brown – with options to add black and white. This will mainly be a Jet Bike army that also has lots of Dire Avengers – and some tanks/transports as well to move the Aspect Warriors. A Farseer Jetbike Council will be a feature, as well as plenty of Vypers. Originally I wanted to make this themed around Swooping Hawks, with Baharroth as my HQ unit, but all I have read says this is too weak and overpriced to be tactically sound.  I will still include them though, as I want the models, and am designing an Apocalypse force anyway.  Shinning Spears as well are a unit I will include for it’s aesthetic value – not it’s tactical (although all this can change with the new codex as 40ker’s know). The basic fluff for this group is that they are a semi-recently wounded Craftworld who has joined with the main Craftworld to survive. They are not totally destroyed (maybe 40% reduced), and thus can marshal some military power, but are not as populous and strong as the other Craftworld (no Guardians).

The third color scheme is Black and Purple – I may add a bit of silver here as well (not sure). This will be basically my Corsair Eldar – They will be loaded with Aircraft.  Also featured of course will be the Corsair troops as well as Dark Reapers, Warp Spiders, and Banshees. I also think some Wrath Lords + Wraiths and the Wraith Seer would look really cool in this color scheme.  Basic fluff is that they are not simply space pirates but agents of the Home Craftworld.  However that is an over simplification, as they are their own tribe unto themselves.  More like the scouts and allies that provide the eyes and ears for the others, and quick-strike raids to support them militarily.

About the Units

I have not yet decided what the specific HQ choices will be, other then the Jet Bike Council.  I think they will be characters with a unique backgrounds/roles (more fluff needed to be created). For sure Farseers + Warlocks and Autarchs will be in the mix, and perhaps a Phoenix Lord. Customization is desirable for these units for each army.

Lots of  Guardians will comprise the main force – and these will carry colors from all three clans, but are primarily Green. I want each unit to have personalization that includes some unit marks and clan colors.

I also would like each army to have a pair of Revenant Titans – with the main host having A Phantom. One reason for this is that I would love to paint these Titans in different color Schemes, and they are my favorite Eldar models.

I am desiging the Army(s) on paper in a series of sizes for each – from small skirmish forces to bigger full sized, and want ot include a full scale list (just RPG fluff – the literal size of the entire army).  The basic structure and goal is to fill out a full force organization chart for each – and expand from there,  however as time and budget allows (and e-bay deals) the actual size and “shape” of my army will no doubt form as it goes. The lists are my guides to follow in collecting.

I have the names for the clans, but will publish them in a more in-depth post on the fluff (and they might change by then).  I also am designing my own runes. Who knows, maybe some original  illustrations will be thrown in to compliment the story.

A note on my “tactics”…

A disclaimer on anything I say about “tactics”.  I have only played a basic version of the game a few times – and never Eldar – so I don’t know anything first hand about tactics.  I am only going from what I have read on Forums.  I am of the philosophy that while a strong tactically designed force is majorly important, it is not primary for me.  I am in it more for the models then the game – but still – I want to win so I do factor this into the design.

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