Welcome to my Eldar blog (the geekiest five words I have ever typed in my life – yes!). The project I will be featuring is the creation of an Eldar Craftworld for use in the tabletop war game Warhammer 40k. I thought I would create my first blog to act as a motivational journal of sorts. I have no experience with blogging but I thought it would be fun to document and share my project as it progress’s. I plan to show several aspects of the process, from concept to painting to battle field. I hope the blog is helpful or at least interesting. It will certainly be in-depth, as I want to organize the project via this blog.  I also hope to receive feedback from any who care to share their ideas, opinions, resources and expertise – as well as their own projects.

Some personal background regarding this project…

In the late 80’s/ early 90’s I discovered Citadel Miniatures and the Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing game.  What grabbed me about it was the beautifully painted miniatures I saw in White Dwarf magazine.  As an artist and lover of fantasy, I wanted to collect them and learn the craft of painting.  I picked up a few from the fantasy series, but for some unknown reason I don’t remember painting any of these early figures. A few of my best friends were also into Warhammer.  We all dabbled but never seriously did any modeling or painting – just a little RPG figure combat here and there.  As years went by we dabbled in 40k Epic Scale, Space Hulk, and Blood Bowl. I remember having an Elven Blood Bowl team, and trying to paint a few – with no satisfying success. I simply couldn’t paint like the pro’s and never put in any effort to learn.  This is probably pretty common for young people who discover this hobby.

Back then I remember thinking 40k full scale looked like an awesome game – but it was too expensive to make a full army (for a broke ass kid like me anyway), and so was basically out of my reach. Years passed, and I left my dabbling with table top miniatures for other interests.

However one of my best friends got into 40k, and over the next 15 or so years slowly built and painted a massive Chaos army (9k +) – as well as an equal sized Space Marines army for his little brother. I move away during this time, and only really got to see his armies during brief visits over the years. I thought it was really cool that as an adult he was able to fully get into a hobby that was always attractive to us, but out of reach as kids. In building and painting a huge 40k army he essentially had accomplished a small childhood dream.  I really admired this!

So now I have moved back to my hometown area – where my friend still lives.  And I have decided to get back into 40k.

Here are my reasons –

40k is awesome – I really want to achieve that small dream! I just…think it would be so bad-ass to have a huge 40k army – fully painted to a beautiful level. There is something satisfying about returning to a thing that was too big and challenging in your youth – and conquering it.

It’s doable – As an “adult” (term used loosely) I can find a way to buy my figures – a feat I felt was too large when I was younger.  Yes it is still really expensive – embarrassingly, unforgivably expensive (lol – not complaining just putting it into perspective – GW collectors know this pain!) – but still doable. And I got time…

I can pant better now! – Years of training as an artist (a good deal of drawing and some painting) I think has honed my all around artistic/aesthetic skills. Theoretically I now just apply this training to mini’s.  The techniques are really similar to how I color on paper using other mediums – just tiny – and on a three dimensional surface – making it a bit more challenging for me to control then colored pencil, technical pens, or scratch board (my main artistic mediums so far). There will be a learning curve no doubt!  However, as an artist who has worked  with a lot of detail as a stylistic choice in my drawings (I draw with .13 mm tech pens) I have developed the patience and focus that I think with some training and practice can translate into painting miniatures to a high level – at least I hope so!

I would add that just the act of thinking I have enough ability to paint mini’s that I think will look good helps a lot – as a kid and teenager I just hated my paint jobs – because I wanted them to look like the pro’s – and that was frustrating and de-motivating for me. I have a bit more confidence now – and that makes it all possible!

I can learn from the internet – I now have the resources to learn from people I never met before or live far away – the wealth of information around the hobby is fantastic if you’re willing to look into things. For those of you who remember the world before the internet was a mainstream tool, this was not possible back in my youth. There is now a 40k/hobby community that I can conveniently reference, and I can learn/get help/inspiration from experts. This is a fantastic resource for taking things to the next level (not possible 20 years ago).

Because of friends – This is a project I can do with my friends. It’s fun to talk about and I think the battles will be super fun too. This is actually one of the big reasons I’m doing this.  My friend who has collected all these years often has health challenges, and painting miniatures with him is a great activity we can share. I also have another friend who I will be building an army for along side mine (Necron).

I also add to this the potential new friends I will meet once I get into the gaming community with my figures.  It would be fun to travel to some of the big gaming events too. I think a trip across the pond with my army in a suitcase would also be really cool – it looks like 40k is huge in Europe, and probably other places too (New Z, Australia?).  The hobby brings people together the world over – and that’s awesome! Once I have an army I can take part in all that.

 Just…because – Once I had the vision in my mind for my Eldar army it just took a hold. I want to see it completed.  I imagine all who undertake this kind of project have a relatable feeling – because it’s a big time investment with a specific kind of pay off – and it’s not entirely “logical” or “practical”- lol.  But it is really fun, and a worthy challenge – It awakens the stubborn part in us that says  – “I must do this. I will do this. It will be done!




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